Vardi Company: Creators Of The Industry’s Premier Equal Opportunity Buying Group

In today’s tough economy, business owners are facing more challenges than ever. It is increasingly important to keep your costs down, use your time efficiently and make sure that you always provide exemplary service. Every dollar, minute and customer truly matters to your bottom line. Brothers Steven and Michael Vardi grew up in the jewelry industry; their family has deep roots in the trade and have been successfully serving the industry for over three generations. Over the years, Steven and Michael observed the struggles of their retail customers and felt for them. They wanted to help them in making their businesses more profitable and the industry more successful as a whole. It was these observations that led the brothers to develop Vardi Company in 2009, as a full service provider and partner to independent retailers. Vardi Company offers a 100% free equal opportunity buying group, and several other innovative solutions, all designed to make retailers’ lives easier and their businesses more successful.


In such a product driven industry, inventory costs can really start to add up. The economy just isn’t what it used to be and you need to lower your expenses. The solution seems simple. Join a buying group. Bundle your orders with other retailers to lower the cost of your goods. Sounds great, right? But, as many of you know, it’s not that easy. Membership fees, buying minimums and credit checks can suddenly stand between you and the chance to stay competitive.

Vardi Company designed their online, equal opportunity buying group to eliminate the issues that prevent retailers from being able to enjoy the advantages a buying group has to offer. Their online buying group utilizes state of the art technology that groups orders from retailers all over the world in real-time. With no fees, minimums or restrictions whatsoever there is nothing to lose!

We are a real buying group with real buying power™. That is the simple idea behind Vardi Company’s unique structure. They offer sharp pricing, giving independents the power to grow sales and profits in today’s challenging marketplace.

Consumer research has proven that shoppers want and expect to see something new every time they come in your store. Because of this, Vardi Company uses their online format to keep their retail partners continually updated with a stream of new items to choose from. Whether you are looking for fashion forward price point sterling silver jewelry, classic gold and diamond fashion pieces, or simply a pair of diamond studs, you can find it all in one place with the convenience of online shopping, making your life just a little bit easier.


After launching the buying group, Steven and Michael wanted to continue to use their resources to create other programs that would meet the needs of their retail partners.

Knowing that 35% of engagement rings are custom made, they decided to launch the Vardi Concierge, a fast and easy one-stop-shop for all your custom design needs and special requests. Once they receive your customer’s concept, they generate a life-like CAD rendering in 1 to 5 business days. Upon design approval, they will manufacture the piece in your choice of metal and diamond quality or with any gemstone, and deliver the finished piece in approximately 2 weeks.

“My business is not just about satisfying my members, but making sure that their customers are satisfied as well. The Vardi Concierge was created to offer retailers a custom design resource that is full service and convenient, saving them the time, money, and frustration of coordinating multiple vendors. This also allows for faster turnaround time, less involvement and most importantly, lower costs, ultimately making your customer that much more satisfied,” explains Steven.


The Vardi brothers’ dedication to customer service led them to identify another way to serve retailers’ needs. Noticing that many customers expressed dissatisfaction in their diamond sourcing, they decided to offer a Diamond Fulfillment Service, an easy and effortless way to make sure you get the exact diamond that you’re looking for. This service eliminates the frustration involved in wasting time calling multiple vendors, setting up new accounts, or receiving unpresentable stones. For certified, uncertified, or melee service, you can simply call them with your specifications and their diamond experts will handle everything.


With your needs in mind, Vardi Company developed free Diamond Finder technology that allows members to search their entire inventory of over 50,000 certified diamonds in three different modes of operation! You can either search directly on their website for wholesale prices or activate Showroom Mode, which allows you to convert their inventory listings to display your custom margins. You can then show your customers directly on your computer or iPad allowing them to search all the options with accurate prices. The diamonds selected are delivered to your store so your customers can view them before purchasing. You can also embed Vardi’s Diamond Finder into your own website to attract new customers to your store!

Soon to launch is Showroom Mode for, which will convert their wholesale website into a Triple Key retail catalog in a single click! Vardi Company seems to have mastered the art of helping you increase profits without increasing expenses.


Last, but definitely not least, is the BrideStar System, developed to support your increasingly important bridal sales. With the high cost and risks of carrying bridal jewelry inventory, this program enables you to offer a wide assortment at a much lower cost. The BrideStar is an upscale bridal prototype selling system offering over 70+ sterling silver and CZ prototypes with a professional quality display. This allows your bridal customer to see and feel the different designs, to gain confidence before customizing and ordering their desired ring. In addition, you can show your customer their expanded bridal collection of over 5,000 SKUs on their website, all at triple key!

From eliminating all costs and restrictions traditionally associated with buying groups, to their innovative services, Vardi Company is determined to be more than just another vendor; they aim to be your partner and to help you reach a new level of success. Besides enhancing your product selection, reducing your costs and offering services to make the running of your business as convenient as possible, Vardi Company exhibits the most important qualities that you could want in a partner: commitment to service, commitment to quality, and commitment to you, their member.

To learn more about Vardi Company’s current, or soon-to-be-released, services and how they can help you achieve more success now or in the future, visit their website, Becoming a member through their website is simple, but you can also speak with a Vardi Company representative by calling 866-665-6502 or 212-221-3969 (International) or emailing them at [email protected] You can sign up for their newsletter by email, or by scanning the QR code below.

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By: Allie Eley


Author:Jewelry Business Advisor

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