Trunk Show—Focus On Security

Trunk show season is upon us, providing unique purchasing opportunities for customers looking for just the perfect holiday gift. Jewelers unBLOCKedTM and ISPS, a global jewelry security training and risk prevention firm, remind jewelers that trunk shows are a frequent target for criminals.

“Trunk shows are an excellent way for designers and premiere jewelers to showcase their goods to a motivated, target customer base,” said Jewelers unBLOCKedTM President and CEO Patricia Low. “But advertising and promotion of the show can also alert criminals that a concentration of valuables will be accessible at a specific location and time.”

ISPS CEO Itay Hendel warns jewelers to be especially vigilant before, during and after trunk shows. “Never carry goods on your person,” he noted. “Ship your goods directly to the show location using a qualified armored car service. And even if your inventory is largely depleted during the show, ship what remains back to your office. Thieves may target you as you leave the event, assuming that you have valuables on your person.”

ISPS also recommends guards be posted at the front of the trunk show site whenever possible, particularly if showcasing significant pieces.

Safety Tips

  • Participating in a trunk show or private showing? Make sure your policy covers these events; discuss your plans with your insurance professional in advance.
  • During trunk show events, it’s important to split your higher value merchandise among a few display cases.
  • Consider hiring an off-duty police officer to serve as a security guard, preferably in uniform.

About Jewelers unBLOCKed™ and ISPS

Jewelers unBLOCKed™, offered by CED 1976 LLC, provides the underwriting and issuance of the exclusive jewelers block policy offered through the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. ISPS, a global jewelry security training and risk prevention firm, provides services including comprehensive security assessments, training and risk management recommendations to avoid crimes and related losses.

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Author:Jewelry Business Advisor