The Jeweler’s Event That’s Breaking Away From the Sea of Sameness


The challenges facing today’s independent jeweler are plentiful and perplexing.  In addition to the constant barrage of poor economic reports, the most intimidating pressures include:

1. The Sea of Sameness.  

There’s little question that today’s consumers like to shop around.  But they’re becoming increasingly disenchanted –often lamenting the fact that they are “drowning in a sea of sameness.” They feel that the same styles, pieces and collections are sold at every store they visit. So they often resort to web searches or other resources outside their communities for new and different designs. You need to carry items that are current, but unique, to your customer.

2. Vendor Relationships.

Solid business partnerships with your vendors are key to your store’s success.  Yet, in today’s busy world of texting, emailing and other time and money-strapped challenges, it’s often difficult to build the relationships needed to effectively build your business. You want to find manufacturers who have YOUR best interest at heart.

3. Inventory Control. 

Most of us wait too long to move slow-selling inventory.  How do you strike the right balance between inventory turn and cash flow?  When do you resort to markdowns to minimize stale inventory?  The questions are endless.  Who can you turn to?  Who can you trust to properly guide you?

4. Training.

Perhaps the best tool any retailer can use to boost sales and customer loyalty is to ensure that staff is informed of the latest jewelry trends and gemstone treatments, capable of “selling the romance” and the story on each item sold, and able to grow your customer base through superior customers service skills.  But all that takes time.  Sure, there are seminars and trade articles, blogs and videos out there – all offering suggestions and training solutions, but how does the retailer sift  through it all to find the information and tips that work best for their store and staff?   When and where is the right time for staff to leave the store for training?

5. Time Management.  So much to do…So little time…Time is money…

Not enough hours in the day….Running out of time.  Pick the adage and it’s a pretty safe bet that it describes the independent retailer’s day to a tee.   Can you count the number of different hats that you wear during the day? Director of human resources, bookkeeper, purchasing agent, chief operations officer, inventory control, shipping and receiving….Where can you find the time to get off the treadmill and do the things you need to do to grow your business?


1) A Lifejacket in the Sea of Sameness. You’ll find a cultivated exhibitor base – offering a well-rounded, one-stop resource for some of the strongest-selling, diverse and high quality lines in the business.

2) An Event Intent on Forging Relationships With Those Key to Your Business’ Success. Retailers and members experience quality, face-to-face time. Relationships that are built at Prime translate into long-lasting friendships and business-building partnerships where each party has a vested interest in the other’s success.

3)  A Convenient Resource For Viable Inventory Solutions. With first-hand knowledge of industry developments and product trends, Prime members recognize the value of market data and sales statistics, and will assist you with the selection of appropriate products to place in your store dependent on area demographics.

4) The Place For Custom-Tailored Training Tips. Like inventory solutions, vendors know what works and what doesn’t for their line.  They have sales data coming in from stores around the country to back this up. From training sessions with your staff to proven tips and techniques, they have the resources and the know how to help boost the sales skills, product knowledge and confidence levels of your team.

5) Spend Time Watching the Sunset (Not the Clock). Prime makes the most of your time – without ever making you feel rushed – and with assurances that you’ll see a product selection that promises to differentiate your store and build relationships that will streamline your business and maximize results in the long term.


Help is out there! But you won’t find answers at your typical trade show. Today, you have to find solutions from unexpected places. Consider our event. It’s an experience.  It’s Prime.

This annual, invitation-only buying event brings a select group of high quality, independent jewelers from around the country together with the industry’s leading manufacturers in a luxurious and relaxed setting that is perfect for previewing new designs and forging lasting business relationships. The atmosphere at Prime has been created just for retailers, to revive the sense of passion that jewelry buying is intended to elicit. This event is the way buying was meant to be

This year, Prime is celebrating its 12th anniversary in the beautiful, tropical setting of The Ritz-Carlton® in Sarasota, FL. Blending the casual Gulf Coast lifestyle with the cosmopolitan offerings of Sarasota itself,  this resort offers the best of everything.  Between your buying appointments and Prime events, you can enjoy all this luxurious resort has to offer, including world class golf, lavish spa treatments and much more.  

In addition, you can also choose to extend your stay – either before or after the Prime  event-  to create your own vacation getaway.  That’s because Prime also offers their special discounted group rates to invitees, too.


Only a select group of retailers are invited to participate in Prime. Invitation packages, based on levels of purchase commitments, include additional benefits ranging from complimentary airfare and deluxe hotel accommodations to entrée to all evening functions and gourmet meals during events, to single day passes.

What’s more, retailers have the chance to turn buying power into staying power as orders placed during the 2013 Prime Group event will earn additional nights at the host hotel during the 2014 event, allowing you to extend your stay beyond the complimentary nights at no additional expense.

So contact the Prime Jewelry Group today to see if you qualify for an invitation and get ready for a buying experience you will not soon forget.



Author:Jewelry Business Advisor