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Why Oh Why Must We Ask Customers To Buy?

Check the box next to the statement that describes you best: I am an expert at closing because: [   ]  I always remember to ask for the sale and customers usually say yes. [   ]  I know what time the store closes and I’m good at locking the doors and counting the money.…

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Embrace Fashion, Increase Sales

  Stop and think for a moment about how much revenue service and repairs bring into your store. Many of you will say it probably accounts for about 10 to 15%, right? In terms of actual dollars rung up from repairs – you may be right.  But the residual effects of providing service and repairs…

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The Side-By-Side Diamond Selling Solution

Diamond Support, a family owned company based in New York, has been selling diamonds to retail jewelers since 1939 and has been located in the same building on 47th street for over 60 years! Today, the grandson of the founder currently sits at the helm wielding a loupe and tweezers. Having passed from one generation…

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