Six Golden Tips for Marketing on Facebook from Leading Jewelers

Despite the rise of other social networking sites such as the image-rich Pinterest and Instagram, Facebook remains by far the biggest player, with 1.23 billion users worldwide. So it’s important to make the most of your Facebook presence, and the great news is that jewelry marketers, with their access to stylish images, have already got great content to share. But there’s more to building a Facebook profile than just posting up photos; you need to engage, post your content at the right time, and be able to share the information that your followers want to know.

We’ve taken a look at five top jewelers with popular Facebook profiles to see what they are doing right, and what others can learn from their success.

1. Use the Highlight feature to make your best posts stand out

All your images might be beautiful, but what do you do if there’s an extra special photograph you want to draw attention to on Facebook? You can highlight certain photos so that they appear in widescreen across your profile to make them particularly eye-catching.

Luxury jeweler Cartier has 2.5 million fans on Facebook, and they like to highlight their most lavish images to make them stand out from their more regular posts. It’s an approach that reflects their wider marketing with the rich color schemes and sense of indulgence.

Tip: Don’t overuse the highlight feature or it will lose its impact. The widescreen facility can also be used for videos.

2. Are celebrities wearing your products?

Red-carpet events can be a good source of inspiration for jewelers eager to join in with the glitz and glamor. It’s a good excuse to show off your a-list collections. But what about if the A-list are actually wearing your pieces? Then don’t miss an opportunity to draw attention to it and link to the product!

This great shot of Leonardo DiCaprio (a Tag Hauer brand ambassador) wearing this stylish watch on the brand’s Facebook page is a topical way to show how followers can get some of that Hollywood style for themselves, with a neat link to the product page on the website.

Tip: Give your own take on A-list events and red carpet moments… especially if your own pieces feature!

3. Share tips and tricks

With so many gorgeous images at their disposal, it is easy for jewelers to build their following by posting up their best product shots. But mixing up content to include fashion and accessorizing tips can help fans connect with you – and give them plenty of inspiration for how to wear some of your more versatile pieces.

On Carrera y Carrera’s profile, you’ll find some great ideas of what jewelry to wear with different outfits, as well as photos to inspire your choice of accessories. You might usually favor studs, but tips such as this: “long earrings make the face more feminine, body movements more gentle” with the photo below might persuade you to try something longer next time!

Tip: Use photos to show different ways a piece could be worn to highlight its versatility.

4. Make the most of your Facebook apps

Facebook apps are often ignored by businesses building their profile on the site – but making good use of the apps available can help boost your audiences for your other social networking sites as well as showcasing your best videos and giving extra information in one easily-accessible place.

Fashionable jewelry designer David Yurman uses the apps facility to point fans towards his Pinterest and Instagram feeds, which helps him to build his audiences across different platforms. It also includes a store locator app, and events app and a link to his mailing list. This is going to generate much better engagement than simply expecting fans to follow the link to the website to find the same information; everything followers need to know is right there on the front page.

Tip: Think what information is more useful to your customers and followers and be sure to feature an app that links to it. You can feature store locators, competitions, contact details or forms, your blog, videos and notes.

5. Engagement is central to your success… literally!

It’s great to post up beautiful images of products, but it is even better to celebrate the people who love them and buy them!

Verragio specialize in wedding and engagement rings, so they know how special their creations are to the people who buy them, and how much a testament it is to their hard work and dedication that a couple would choose their designs to symbolize their love. So that’s why when they are sent a photo showing what their rings mean to their customers, they don’t just feature it, they highlight it to make it stand out and make sure they include a special message, such as the one in the photo of the engagement ring below: “Hi Michelle! We are happy to hear your kind words. Thank you for choosing Verragio, enjoy it and happiness for years to come.”

Tip: Always say thank you and show you appreciate your customers’ comments as it will encourage more engagement with your audience.

Increasingly, real engagement is becoming central to a brand’s visibility on Facebook: the more likes, shares and comments you have on a post, the more it will be highlighted in your networks. So listen to your followers, find out what they like and learn from popular posts to increase true engagement and ensure Facebook success. JBA

Headshot - Ekaterina Walter Jessica GioglioEkaterina Walter holds a master’s degree in international management from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Walter is a social media trailblazer and an author of the Wall Street Journal bestseller Think Like Zuck: The Five Business Secrets of Facebook’s Improbably Brilliant CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Walter has led strategic and marketing innovation for brands such as Intel and Accenture, and she is currently a cofounder and CMO of BRANDERATI. She has been consistently recognized by the industry and her peers for her innovative thinking, most recently receiving a 2013 Marketer of the Year honor (SoMe Awards) and being named among 25 Women Who Rock Social Media in 2012. Twitter: @Ekaterina.  Blog:



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