Miss Israel Wears Megemeria

New York (June, 2013): Miss Israel, Yityish Titi Aynaw, ‘Titi’ to her friends, visited Northern New Jersey for a series of speaking engagements June 13-15 wearing a Megemeria pendant necklace.  Aynaw, the first Ethiopian Israeli to win Miss Israel, is aware of Yvel’s Megemeria philanthropic program and publicly wore the pendant necklace she selected which was made by her fellow Ethiopians, the students of the Megemeria School of Jewelry in the Yvel Design Center in Jerusalem.

“We are honored that Miss Israel chooses to adorn her incomparable beauty with this meaningful Megemeria pendant,” says Isaac Levy, co-founder of the Megemeria School of Jewelry and the owner/designer of the Yvel brand.

The 24K gold plated brass medallion pendant which Miss Aynaw was seen wearing in North Jersey is inscribed with the words ‘Am Echad’ (‘One Nation’) in the native Ethiopian language of Amharic.  The Megemeria students designed this necklace with the idea that the entire Jewish race is One Nation and should unite together always in solidarity and strength, no matter the color of one’s skin or the nation of one’s birth.

The pendant is part of a 24K gold-plated brass fashion jewelry collection designed by the students at the Megemeria (‘Genesis’ in Amharic) School of Jewelry in the Yvel Design Center in Jerusalem.  The philanthropic school, founded in 2011 by Isaac and Orna Levy, the owners and designers of Yvel, and supported by Yedid, the Association for Community Empowerment in Israel, trains Ethiopian Israeli immigrants in the arts and crafts of jewelry design and production.  Students earn a stipend while attending and achieve certification in the jewelry trade, as well as job placement upon graduation.  Students also learn Hebrew and Israeli heritage to aid them with their cultural integration experience. The program is effectively changing lives for the better within the vulnerable Ethiopian immigrant community and is creating proud and productive citizens for the future Israeli economy.

Yitish Aynaw wearing the Megemeria ‘Am Echad’ (One Nation) pendant in Long Island (below) and North Jersey (above).

To view Megemeria’s latest collections, visit the Yvel Design Center in Jerusalem or learn more about Megemeria at Facebook.com/Megemeria or on YouTube (search Megemeria). You can also learn more about Yvel at www.yvel.com.


About  Megemeria

The Megemeria (‘Genesis’ in Amharic) School of Jewelry is a philanthropic jewelry school housed within the Yvel Design Center in Jerusalem. Founded by Orna & Isaac Levy in 2011, in cooperation with Yedid, the association for community empowerment in Israel, the Megemeria School of Jewelry teaches the arts and crafts of jewelry design and manufacturing to Ethiopian Jewish immigrants to Israel.  The school is a social business which certifies the students in the arts of goldsmithing, jewelry design, pearl stringing and diamond setting and then job places each student within the Israeli jewelry industry. Students are paid a stipend while attending and participate in the creation of Megemeria jewelry which is sold around the world to help fund the continuation of the school.

About Yvel

Founded in 1986 by Orna & Isaac Levy, Yvel has been cultivating beauty for more than a quarter century.  Famous for creating award-winning pearl and gemstone jewelry, Yvel reveals the organic elegance of Mother Nature in versatile designs and wearable works of art. These nature-inspired jewels are sophisticated, with a dash of sexiness, bringing the traditional pearl or gemstone lover a fresh new look. Discover exotic pearl collections and a rainbow array of precious stone colors, including intoxicating hues of smoky quartz.  At Yvel, colorful elements of sea and earth collide, creating breathtaking splendor and enduring value.  www.yvel.com

About Yedid

Established in 1997 to promote social and economic justice in Israel, YEDID has gained widespread national appreciation and a host of prestigious awards for its community work and empowerment achievements throughout Israel.  YEDID operates through a nationwide network of 16 Citizen Rights Centers and Satellites, staffed by a dedicated team of top professionals and expertly trained volunteers. YEDID’s unique model helps people help themselves thought four innovative and interrelated channels: Social, Economic & Legal Assistance; Community Empowerment Initiatives; Grassroots Community Organizing; and National Advocacy for Policy Change.

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