August 17, 2013

“This is the first issue of JBA I have received and I enjoyed the articles very much. Nice to have an informative magazine that I actually enjoy reading. Great job!”

John DiEnna, JD3 Jewelry & Gemstones, Lansdowne, PA


April 4, 2013

“Your mag looks great! I love the QR codes and this little contest as well. I checked out a lot of the QR code links and I looked through the mag at least 3 time to find the logo. Good Job!” 🙂

Jason Sickinger, Sickinger’s Jewelry, Lowell, IN


April 21, 2014

I received my first copy today and I am very pleased with your product! Great info all the way through. I was just wanting to get your e-mail news as well. Also, am interested in your custom publishing opportunities for jewelers.


Julie Murphy, Sales Manager, Independent Jewelers


February 12, 2014

“We love your magazine. I especially like the gemstone treatment series thus far. The writing and content is very well done!”

Lydia Pringle, Out and About Jewelry, Escondido, CA


April 22, 2014

“I really like your magazine. I’m looking forward to growing my business. I received my training over 9 years ago, but today I have the time to really work on the future! Looking forward to using your magazine to help grow my business.”

Debe Kawelmacher, Gems by Debe, Ridgecrest, CA


April 11, 2014

This is the first time I have received your magazine, and I enjoyed it very much. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds.”

Jane Verbonach, Jane V. Jewelers, Morgantown, WV


August 18 2013

I read the magazine for the first time and LOVE the material I found. Keep it coming!”

Seema Patel, Sams Fine Jewelry, Garland, TX


August 28, 2013

Love this magazine. Just read the article on the constellation jewelry at a friend’s shop. I might pick it up now.”

Julianna Robinson, Adobe Jewelers, Norman, OK


September 9, 2013

“Thanks for creating an informative magazine. This is one magazine I plan to read.”

Neelam Padte, DV Diamond, North Brunswick, NJ


August 17, 2013

“Great magazine and lots of fun looking for the JBA logo for your contest.”

Pam Sterle, Antero Jewelers, Salida, CO


February 26, 2014

The entire J.B.A. team is doing a great job in providing actionable content for the jewelry trade. Thank you!”

Rod, Four Grainer


June 7, 2013

“Enjoyed the magazine”

Donna Cormier, RCDC Inc. DBA Crowne Jewelers, Lemonister, MA


February 11, 2014

“We currently are receiving a subscription for Pat Decristofaro, the owner – please continue. we really appreciate the magazine. thank you very much.”

Stephen Decristofaro, Harnik Bros Jewelers, Tarrytown, NY


December 29, 2013

“Was referred to you by one of our vendors.
Really have enjoyed reading the Nov/Dec issue.”

Rhonda Desisto, Panache Gallery of Fine American Crafts & Jewelry, Ogunquit, ME


February 13, 2014

Terrific articles magazine.”

Carole Greenburg, VAHAN, Dallas, TX


March 06, 2014

“Great publication for our industry. Keep up the great work! :)”

Natalie Weisiger, OMI, West Covina, CA


March 28 2014

“I enjoy your publication. Thanks for a job well done.”

Dave Meadows, Art Jewelers, Woodstock, GA


April 14 2014

“I just received my first issue of Jewelry Business advisor will be looking forward for more of the issues very informative”

Cindi Powell, Cindis One Hour Jewelers, Joplin, MA


April 17, 2014

“Very informative articles !!”

Bruce Spiegel, The Jewelers Factory, North Hollywood, CA


March 28, 2014

I enjoy the information in your magazine.”

Jae C Lehew, S&S Jewelry, New Martinsville, WV


March 29, 2014

“Love your magazine! : )”

Matt Wallace, Santa Barbara, CA


February 11, 2014

“I am a business owner and a sales representative and am really looking forward to receiving this Free subscription. Thanks so much!”

Lisa Roach, Lisa P Roach, Baltimore, MA          


February, 03, 2014

“Looking forward to exploring the magazine”

Larry Chasin, Gemfind


August 29, 2013

I look forward to recieving magazine…thank you in advance …Don Goddard”

Don Goddard, Goddard Antiques and Jewelry, Poughkeepsie, NY


February 11, 2014

“We currently are receiving a subscription for Pat Decristofaro, the owner – please continue. We really appreciate the magazine. Thank you.”

Stephen Decristofaro, Harnik Bros Jewelers, Tarrytown, NY


April 11, 2013

We really enjoyed the first issue of the magazine. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to more. If there is ever a time you do surveys or get quotes from vendors we would love to be considered as “experts”. Thanks!”

Meredith Dixon, StarCraft Diamonds, Washington, NC


July 28 2013

“We’d like to receive the publication so we can keep it top of mind for jewelry clients.”

Orit, The O Group, New York, NY


June 8, 2013

“Nice read. Thanks”

Ronnie Mervis, Mervis Diamond Importers, Tysons, VA