Lighting Your Way To Big Profits

Cover Story

Jewelers spend thousands of dollars on special store lighting to make sure their diamonds and colored gems sparkle. Great lighting attracts customers and helps you make sales. About 70% of marriage proposals are made in low light romantic settings that effectively puts the ring and the stores name in the dark. Bright Box changes all of that.

BRIGHT BOX is the maker of patent pending LED jewelry boxes. They are the result of over 60 years of combined jewelry sales, design, marketing, and manufacturing experience. The brand’s mission is to design and produce the world’s finest solid wood illuminated presentation boxes which clearly improves your customers overall jewelry store experience.

BRIGHT BOX features white light, patent pending “Focused Beam Technology” that mimics the special lighting found in fine jewelry stores. The resulting presentation, is an illuminating spotlight for the rings and earrings it holds. This lighted box enhances both diamonds and colored gems providing a unique presentation “experience” that will be remembered for a lifetime. Better yet, it creates a permanent connection between the jewelry and the store it came from. This connection is reinforced every time the BRIGHT BOX is opened to store or retrieve its treasured contents.

BRIGHT BOX has become a treasured keepsake that will be enjoyed by your customers for a lifetime. Bright Box is a focal point for sharing the presentation experience with friends and family. Everyone is impressed with how special this box makes their jewelry look. With FREE private branding available, Bright Box is a magnet for attracting and retaining customers and increasing your store’s profits. BRIGHT BOX is not available with major retail jewelers, giving the independent stores a leg up on the national chains. In today’s economy anything you’re doing to separate yourself from the competition will make your store the more desirable choice in the eyes of the consumer. Word of mouth referrals are the cheapest, easiest way to market yourself and have the best odds of finding you qualified new and repeat buyers.

BRIGHT BOX is the right box for discerning customers who want an amazing 21st century product that illuminates the moments that will be remembered for a lifetime. JBA

SPECIAL OFFER: BRIGHT BOX is currently providing FREE PRINTING on orders of 50 or more ring boxes, so take advantage of this special branding opportunity by calling them today! JBA


Author:Jewelry Business Advisor