Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

What makes Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company unique?

Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company was founded by jewelers for jewelers. Members of the Wisconsin Jewelers Association weren’t able to secure commercial insurance because they worked with flammable materials and were a much higher risk for insurance companies. Rather than leave their livelihoods to chance, they banded together to form a mutual insurance company. Jewelers Mutual continues to be the only insurance company exclusively dedicated to the jewelry industry in the United States and Canada.

What areas of the jewelry industry does Jewelers Mutual serve?

Jewelers Mutual serves all types of jewelry businesses and personal jewelry owners. We have many small, medium and large jewelry retail operations, designers, manufacturers, wholesalers and appraisers who trust our company with their commercial insurance needs. We have specialized Jewelers Block agents and brokers throughout the country and Canada who can help advise jewelers on their insurance needs and decisions.

When customers are shopping for jewelry insurance, what are some issues they should consider?

Jewelers need to consider a number of things as they make this crucial business decision – the size and nature of their business, their location, their inventory, their security, procedures and practices as well as the quality of service they expect from an insurance company. It’s important to work with a company that is truly knowledgeable about the jewelry industry, especially when you file a claim. Jewelers Mutual has 24/7 expert support just a phone call away.

Beyond insurance coverage, jewelers should also consider what the insurance carrier can do to help them improve their business. At Jewelers Mutual, we partner with policyholders to help protect operations by serving as a trusted advisor in the areas of safety, security and effective loss prevention. Jewelers Mutual shares relevant and timely crime prevention information, sound advice on managing inventory, shipping tips and secure selling techniques which every jeweler can easily share with their associates.

Jewelers Mutual works closely with the Jewelers Security Alliance (JSA) and Jewellers Vigilance Canada (JVC). What benefit does the company get from those partnerships?

Jewelers Mutual is proud to work as an aligned partner with both the JSA and JVC and their work with various branches of law enforcement, the RCMP and the FBI. By being engaged with frontline jewelry crime investigations, Jewelers Mutual can help educate our customers to remain aware of changing criminal trends and proactively adapt our insurance coverage anticipating the needs of our policyholders. Many Jewelers Mutual agents and brokers are actively engaged in local crime networks.

What are some of the most concerning trends in jewelry related crime?

We have seen a rise in crimes against jewelers occurring at private residences in recent years. Home invasions are not new, but they have occurred with greater frequency. In some of these events, criminals employed so-called “tiger kidnapping” techniques. Similar to a tiger observing its prey prior to striking, the perpetrators observe their target over time to gain intelligence about the jeweler’s movements and behaviors. When they strike, they follow their target home and hold the jeweler’s family hostage. They then take the jeweler back to the store to disarm the security system and clear out the inventory.

Jewelers Mutual helps protect its policyholders before a loss occurs by providing tips on how to avoid becoming a victim. Our philosophy at Jewelers Mutual has always been that merchandise can be replaced, but a life cannot. That philosophy is at the heart of everything Jewelers Mutual does to help protect its policyholders and their businesses.

Where can I learn more about Jewelers Mutual and insurance for my jewelry business?

To learn more about Jewelers Mutual and to find an experienced insurance agent or broker in your area, contact Jewelers Mutual at 800-558-6411. You can also find loss prevention tips and best practices at


Author:Jewelry Business Advisor

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