Give A 24K Holiday Hug! The Secret to Boosting Sales

PineconeThe 24k Rose & Loyalty Co. is deeply rooted in the retail Jewelry industry.

Owners of Greffin Jewelers in Minneapolis since 1974, Ginni and Greg Greffin quickly learned that thanking their best customers at Holiday time made good financial sense. Their store was already having great year-round success selling their 24k gold plated roses. On a whim, they decided to try producing a handcrafted gold plated mistletoe ornament to be given as as a gift to thank their best customers when they made a holiday purchase. These customers were not only ecstatic to receive this special gold gift but they found it cemented a loyal relationship that boosted their sales throughout the entire year.

Ginni and Greg had established the 24 Karat Rose Co. as a successful distributor to over 3,000 retail jewelers for their 24k gold-plated real roses (and exclusive vendor to the two major Jeweler buying groups, the IJO and the RJO). While talking with a Wisconsin jeweler they shared the success of their 24k mistletoe customer gift. Inspired, the jeweler ordered 24k gold-plated mistletoe ornaments to mail to their 100 best clients right before Thanksgiving. Cleverly, they included a note with the ornament that read:

 Thanks for being our loyal customer.

With the enclosed Mistletoe, we’d “Kiss you if we could.”

DoubleHollyThe result was a huge success– the jeweler had their best Christmas season in 34 years! Seeing the positive impact to their sales, they asked if they could get a different ornament for the next holiday season. So, the gold plated double holly ornament was created and the opportunity for a successful loyalty program was born! Jewelers instinctively knew that keeping their best customers loyal to their store was one of their most important jobs. Finally, jewelers had an inexpensive way to give their customers an enduring gold “Thank You” at the holidays in recognition of their loyalty.

Ginni and Greg christened their new customer loyalty program the “24k Holiday Hug Program”. With it, came a new name for the business—24 Karat Rose and Loyalty Co.. They then created a way to customize the ornament for each jeweler by adding a personalized satin ribbon with the store’s name to attach to the ornament so the recipient is reminded each year when the holiday season rolls around. As experienced retail jewelers, they knew they had to include everything from mailing envelopes, gift boxes and customizable enclosure card artwork in order to make it turn-key and as easy as possible to execute for a busy jeweler.

They 24K Holiday Hug Program continues to grow as more and more jewelers discover its success and continue to use it year after year. Each year a new ornament is added to the collection. Every ornament begins as a hand-selected gift from nature (a leaf, a pinecone, a shell) and is then plated in 24k gold through a proprietary process that was perfected with the DoubleHolly24K Gold Rose. Each ornament comes with a gold embossed Authenticity Card that describes how the handcrafted ornament is made, that it is natural and Made in USA. Most importantly, it tells the Christmas story and legend of that individual ornament.

As retail jewelers, Ginni and Greg appreciate the importance of vendor loyalty. So they restrict the 24k Holiday Hug Program to only one jeweler in a given geographic area. The uniqueness of the program and exclusivity are what makes it so successful. The total cost of the program for 100 customers, including personalized ribbon, mailing envelopes and postage only runs between $1700 and $2,000—depending upon the ornament. There is just simply not a more effective marketing investment that you can make that will return so much for so little.

 If you would like to learn more about the 24k Holiday Hug Program call 800-843-8131 or visit to view the success stories of other jewelers. Don’t miss out…because they are handcrafted, quantities are limited. Boost your sales this year to make this holiday selling season your best ever! Because when you take care of your customers…they will take care of you!





Author:Jewelry Business Advisor