Who is GelinAbaci and what do they do?

GelinAbaci is a designer line that creates unique jewelry for future brides, grooms, and people who seek quality, fashion design and craftsmanship. GelinAbaci grew out of a concept held by Gabriel Gelin and Sam Abaci, who have over 60 years of experience in the industry.  Abe Gelin (second generation) has helped evolve GelinAbaci through sales and marketing.


What collections do they offer?

GelinAbaci offers the following collections:

  •  Tension Collection – Tension settings allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the center stone creating extraordinary brilliance superior to all traditional settings. GelinAbaci is the largest manufacturer of Tension jewelry in the world.
  • Amore Collection – Wedding bands made with exquisite design and craftsmanship. Exclusive designs include hand-woven styles and diamond set bands carefully crafted for that special someone. Variations of 14k. and 18k. gold, platinum and now palladium500 are available.
  • Lida Cut Diamond Collection – Exclusive one of a kind designs are made for the patented Lida diamond. This diamond is a very unique elongated shape with 43 facets to show it extraordinary brilliance.


What are the benefits of carrying the GelinAbaci Collection?

The uniqueness of the Tension Collection, custom tailoring designs and one of a kind customer service attract retailers to carry GelinAbaci. Retailers want to offer something that is beautiful, unique and not readily available through other local stores. The Amore Wedding Band Collection helps to compliment the Tension designs with its intricate designs.


What is the difference between a GelinAbaci Tension setting and a traditional 4 and 6 prong setting? What stones can be Tension Set?

Tension settings are custom tailored to each individual’s style of choice, center stone size, shape, and finger size whereas most other settings are already constructed and manufactured while hiding the diamond/gemstones beauty. GelinAbaci has set from as small as a 0.25ct to as large as a 10-carat stone. GelinAbaci recommends setting diamonds, moissanites, rubies and sapphires. Any stone with hardness of 9 or above is recommended.


How long does it take for a design to be completed from the GelinAbaci Tension and Amore Wedding Band Collection?

GelinAbaci designs are all made to order and take 15 working days or less to complete.  They can complete rush orders upon approval. Modifications are available for existing styles. Please contact GelinAbaci for details.


What are the different metals offered by GelinAbaci?

GelinAbaci offers platinum, gold(14k. or 18k.) white, yellow and rose combinations and the new Palladium500.


Do all GelinAbaci Tension settings have matching bands?

Not all Tension settings have existing matching bands, but GelinAbaci can custom design a band for a customer to approve though their CAD design.


How can a jeweler become an authorized GelinAbaci dealer?

GelinAbaci can be contacted by calling 800.545.8545 or by visiting their website at to e-mail and check out the full collection. A representative from GelinAbaci will be happy to contact the jeweler and review dealership requirements.




Author:Jewelry Business Advisor

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