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Inspiration sparks from anywhere—walking down the street, after a summer rain, or even riding the subway. Frank Reubel began his quest for art and beauty at a young age, with a keen eye for sleek lines and bold colors. Growing up just outside Yankee Stadiumand attending high school in Far Rockaway, NY, gave him a passion for sports and challenge. It was also during this time in his life that he discovered his passion for art, which led to his career in jewelry design and manufacturing.

Since those bright beginnings, Frank has taken advantage of his world travels to create styles that have garnered much attention in the jewelry design industry. Joined by his son Alex, the two have become a dynamic design duo, combining their experiences and inspirations into some of the pieces Frank Reubel Designs is most proud of. Alex’s designs have taken FRD to new heights, and have turned custom pieces into true works of art that
have exceeded clients’ expectations.

During Frank’s 40 plus years of design, he has won numerous awards, including the highly sought-after JCK Jewelers’ Choice Award. In 2012, he won five Jewelers’ Choice Awards, in categories such as Bridal, Tanzanite Jewelry, Silver, and Best Necklace Design. Many of these award-winners have become both Customer and Retailer favorites, such as the R2917 and R2918. Free-flowing lines or crisp, sharp edges turn these pieces into architectural structures, making bold statements and often stopping people on the street. “Seeing people wear my jewelry is one of the greatest joys. Knowing a piece that I’ve created is part of someone’s life story is the best part of this business.”

From his days in New York to his now residence in sunny Florida, Frank’s pieces are polished and prepared with care right in the United States, not far from the ocean. This warmer climate and laid-back lifestyle inspired The Art of Nature collection, in which sea creatures come to life, set with pearls, diamonds, and other precious stones, resting on a chain, dangling from an ear, or curled around a finger.

With the ever-changing trends in jewelry and fashion, FRD constantly strives to challenge its place in the jewelry industry. Frank takes an avid interest in his Retailers’ and customers desires and needs. The Art of Romance Collection contains styles for every woman’s taste, and encourages customization to make a style unique to fit her love story.

 After all these years in business, Frank still finds himself pushing the bar. His Sterling Silver collection boasts some of his most popular styles and suites, such as the S2914, and also hosts award winners such as the SR3140/B/BRQ, and the SA0005/SC0010/WS/BRQ from the OMNI Collection, his interchangeable Sterling Silver pendant collection. These collections, designed for Today’s Modern Woman, use the allure of silver and a flash of dramatic color to make a true statement.Aside from the sparkle of diamonds and engagement rings, Frank Reubel Designs boasts a large selection of colored gemstone pieces in its Art of Design collection. True conversation starters, these styles call attention to the blends of color as well as the unique structure and design. Named after his daughter, the Aylee’s Comet was a JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards winner in 2009, and its combinations of colors are nearly endless.

Frank Reubel Designs can be a big hit with your customers this holiday season, and all throughout the year. With sleek lines and bold stones available in all of their collections, it is the perfect gift to make the giver and receiver stand out! They also enjoy customization, so your customers can easily create a piece that is 100% unique to them, with the added bonus of FDR’s creative flair and award-winning style.

To view the Frank Reubel Designs collections or to find out about carrying FDR in your store, visit their website,, their facebook page at Or give them a call at 386-761-6945.


Author:Jewelry Business Advisor

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