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Enter the dream world of Angélique de Paris jewels, filled with dramatic color, exquisite designs and meticulous craftsmanship. What awaits you is an extraordinary realm of magnificent creations meant to embellish and entice women with their brilliance. The Angélique de Paris brand creates incredible designs made of precious metals and a dreamy, luminous, colorful resin that comes alive against the skin.

Known universally as the pioneer and innovator of colorful, luminous resin Liquid Gem™, Angélique de Paris has been hand-crafting spectacular designs and setting trends in the jewelry and fashion industry for over 15 years.

Angélique de Paris has mastered the Art of Accessorizing with an exclusive branded line of jewels that are both High Fashion and Fine Jewelry, which is all the range. Genuine Gemstones are magically transformed into spectacular jewels with the Designer’s unique mix of color, pattern and inspiration. The brand exudes luxury and style at an attractive price-point that the Retailers deem as the “sweet spot” for self-purchases and gifts. According to the Harrison Group Consumer Jewelry Study, 70% of women purchase Jewelry for themselves. That number increases with fashion jewelry like this, so don’t miss out on this large and growing demographic. Retail pricing ranges from $50 – $1200 making them the Top Seller in the finest jewelry stores in the country.


“My store has carried Angelique de Paris jewelry for over 10 years. It has become the “go to” jewelry for everyone, especially the wonderful cuffs, bangles and bracelets in a rainbow of color which can be layered or stacked with your finest gold jewelry. The luminescence and sparkle adds that special  punch to your personal fashion statement. In addition to their trademark resin, sterling and vermeil line, our customers have been enjoying Angelique de Paris’ exquisite earring creations made with resin, jade, coral, rock crystal and gemstones. They are trendy and fashion forward and a “must have” item for any fashionista!”

 – Elena Pascal, Allentown, PA


Angélique de Paris retailers love the meticulous detailing, the high-end packaging, the luxurious point of sale materials and the exceptional customer service that the brand offers.

As creative director and designer for her eponymous collection, Angélique Knafo believes that “A woman who doesn’t wear jewelry misses an opportunity to express the many facets of herself”.  With an eye for design and her exotic Moroccan origins, Angélique delights in creating a bejeweled journey of the senses with her creations.

Angélique is a modern-day Renaissance woman with a kaleidoscope of interests and accomplishments in a myriad of fields. Since a very young age, Angélique was enamored with all things artistic: the Fine Arts, literature, textiles, opera, architecture and classical music. During her thirteen years living in Paris, she collected undergraduate and advanced graduate degrees specializing in Art History, Business, Photography, Gemology, French Cuisine, Japanese language, an MBA and more. Concomitant with her studies she was a successful art dealer specializing in 19th and 20th century masterworks. Her artistic background, world travels and aesthetic instinct make her a natural in creating sensual, feminine and wearable works of art giving the brand her personal touch, visionary direction and business acumen. Angélique de Paris is a refreshing and unprecedented combination of High Fashion and Fine Jewelry.

 “We carry Angelique De Paris in our store and have for over 5 years now. Our customers are very happy with the jewelry! It’s very fashionable, colorful and good quality.”

– Rully Dawidziak, New York, NY


The designer’s highly personal signature look of captivating and colorful pieces has become a sought-after worldwide sensation.


Their new website, , developed by their in-house graphics team is a sensory experience of sight, sound and interaction which delivers the vivid mood of the jewelry creations.  In keeping with the brand’s Green/Eco philosophy of digital in lieu of paper, retailers are encouraged to place their orders directly in the Private Showroom section of the website.

With no shortage of ideas, the 2013 -14 Fall / Winter collection by Angelique de Paris will amplify the look of your showroom with timeless style that embodies beauty.  Super long necklaces, an armload of arm candy and gemstone-intense rings that look good enough to eat will catch they eye of any passerby!  Once your customers wear Angelique de Paris jewels, they will not step out the door without these delectable French accents and will continue to step back in your door to buy more!



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