Convertible Earring Jackets

Convertible Earrings by Gottlieb & Sons are a perfect gift for the Holidays, or any time of year! These award winning convertibles, with their simple to use mechanism, allow your customers the versatility to wear their studs three different ways; as a stud, a jacket or a drop. This design is innovative and fun to wear, for both casual and dressy occasions!

The young trendsetter, as well as the mature and sophisticated consumer, appreciates this style, making it a big seller in any location. Convertibles can be seen as a twist on a classic look, or as a way for your consumer to purchase an original design, rather than a mainstream piece of jewelry.

Gottlieb & Sons first introduced these copyrighted designs in 2006, with only 3 styles to choose from, but due to an overwhelming response by consumers, the collection has grown to over 70 designs! They are now made in white, yellow and rose gold, as well as platinum and palladium, allowing your customer the ability to match convertibles with other pieces of jewelry or their favorite outfit!

Convertible earrings have become a retail favorite for several reasons. First, it allows you to promote them when selling stud earrings, as either an add on sale or as an idea for future gift giving. It can be the perfect gift for a consumer that has been purchasing jewelry for years and is running out of ideas on what to buy their spouse. Another great selling point is that you can actually give your consumer two different looks for the price of one piece of jewelry! Consider them a ‘buy one, get one free’ promotion that doesn’t loose money! Gottlieb & Sons obtained a copyright for the designs and have limited the market distribution, which allows the cutting edge, innovative retailer exclusive market share.

 We have been carrying Gottlieb & Sons Convertible Earring Jackets for three years now and they are continually selling. The Convertible Jackets turn a basic diamond stud earring into three different earrings. What a great concept! We are very pleased with the sales of their earring jackets and I would highly recommend them to any jeweler to have in their inventory!” – Robert Ball, Henry B. Ball Jewelers

Gottlieb & Sons value their retail partners and want them to succeed with their product. Because of this, they provide all participating retailers with a complete marketing package for the convertible earrings and bridal jewelry. This includes displays (three different color displays for the convertibles), postcards, brochures, TV commercials, in-store continuous loops, and gives them the ability to create color ads, billboards, posters and duratrans. Their retail partners successfully use these marketing tools and have had a great response.

More often than not, advertising can be hit or miss. However, the television ad campaign that Gottlieb & Sons created for Christmas of 2011, and in particular their ad for the Convertible Jackets, was a resounding success! When clients actually request to view the advertised product, first of all, it strikes a chord, and secondly, the photography relating to the advertised product was excellent! With the loss of any nationally coordinated effort from The Diamond Promotional Service, It is imperative that more working relationships develop between manufacturers/wholesalers and brick and mortar retailers! My congratulations on an effort that allowed my “Mom N’ Pop” jewelry store in Cheyenne, Wyoming (Population 60,000, with an area draw of an additional 30,000) to sell through Convertible Jackets, not once, but TWICE…100% sell through! Well Done!” – Doug Larkin, Burri Jewelers, Inc.

For example, many retailers will gather their database of consumers that have purchased stud earrings and send out postcard to their spouses, before birthdays or anniversaries, talking about this innovative design that will compliment her studs! Other retailers have used their animated TV commercials to show how the convertible earring actually works, while others have put up posters or Dura Trans. However, most retailers agree that the best way to sell the convertible earring jacket is to show them to your customers and explain how they work! The design is truly an original. Any customer wearing a studs of one half carat or larger is a perfect candidate! Discover the Convertible Earring Jacket this season and you’re sure to have a very happy Holiday!

Company Information:

Gottlieb & Sons, a manufacturer of handmade platinum and gold fine jewelry, was established in 1949 by Saul Gottlieb as and has grown with the help of his three sons to be a leader in the international jewelry industry.  Their goal is to create jewelry that reflects the high standards their family has set for over half a century.  Not only does Gottlieb & Sons produce these innovative convertible earrings, they have also been creating both bridal and fashion jewelry for over sixty years. They are also a prime source for finely made loose diamonds in all shapes and sizes. For more information please contact Gottlieb & Sons 800-321-4960, or visit  JBA


Author:Jewelry Business Advisor

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