Athra’s High Fashion Jewelry Is In High Demand

Athra is a renowned business leader in the jewelry industry with over 30 years of business. Since the 1980’s, the business has expanded considerably but Athra is proud to still maintain their reputation as a family owned silver fashion house. As a distributor of high fashion sterling silver & fashion jewelry collections, Athra has been known to collaborate with a wide array of customers and satisfies the needs of many independent retailers throughout the nation. Athra has recently expanded their business by launching the elite designer jewelry brands Athra Luxe ™ and Joey J.™.

“Athra offers all the newest and hottest styles at the best prices!! No matter what you purchase from them, they stand by their product and are always in contact with their customer making sure their product is doing well! Thank you Athra!”

Athra Luxe is a design house with a team of jewelers, artists and crafters with extensive backgrounds in their fields, who design exquisite, collectable pieces. As Athra’s premier line, the designs have a distinctive elegance giving the “Essence of Luxury” to the everyday woman at an affordable price.

This is extremely important in today’s tough economy, because as a jeweler, you need to be aware of your customer’s (and POTENTIAL customer’s) financial situation and offer a variety of products at every price point. No matter how tough the economy, women still want to feel beautiful and men still want to make them feel that way (or make up for whatever transgression they may have committed!). This means that there will always be a desire for jewelry, but you need to make sure that you’re catering to the needs of the masses in order for you to reach the highest level of success.

The Athra Luxe collections incorporate sterling silver, 14k gold over sterling silver and other metals. Many designs incorporate black diamond crystal, cubic zirconia, freshwater pearls and black onyx. The classy, high end look of these pieces are sure to draw the eye of many different customers. Whether they have expensive tastes on a moderate budget or simply have expensive taste, the Athra Luxe line will be perfect for them. In addition to self-purchases, the line will also attract your gift giving clientele, as it is more affordable for the giver and is glamorous without coming off as too showy. This means that men in new or established relationships will feel comfortable giving one of these pieces to the woman in their life, making it very easy for you to sell through.

The Joey J. line was created by Athra in 2013. The brand name and logo are a twist on the designer’s name, Joanne Joseph. Joanne’s family had been in the jewelry business since the 1980’s.

“I lived in the island nation of Trinidad then moved to New York at the age of 12. I was brought up in a family owned jewelry business where I spent my days doing odd jobs and visualizing myself wearing elaborate pieces at a young age. My passion for jewelry grew through my extensive travels and exposure to culturally diverse cities.  These experiences are what I draw on for my inspiration,” Joanna says of her new line.

The Joey J. customer is generally between 25-55, and like Joanne, is a jet-setter who is constantly on-the-go. Joey J. pieces are versatile in design so that they can easily transition to be worn from day to night with all of today’s fashions. The collection is a combination of gold over sterling silver and oxidized metals combined with brilliant white cubic zirconia and labradorite accents, creating a high-end look that is both affordable and radiates style. Layering Joey J. pieces with their current collection allows women to express themselves as individuals and still be chic and glamorous! This line will attract customers of all ages and tastes, as the combination of mixed metals gives the jewelry an antique and edgy feel.

“I have been an Athra customer for over 10 years now, their customer service and accommodations are like no other, they always make sure I get what I need when I need it !”

“To be Charmed and Chained” gives Joey J. a playful and appealing twist and will be a collection that you can confidently show to anyone who walks through your door!



Author:Jewelry Business Advisor

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