ALOR® to Return to Its Roots – Focuses On Core Values – Debuts New Lifestyle Ad Campaign in Celebration

ALOR SAN DIEGO, CA – ALOR® International Ltd., the parent company of Charriol® USA, is making a bold decision in 2014 returning to its roots with a name change back to its parent company brand name, ALOR®.

Since 1979, ALOR® has been the designer, creator, and manufacturer of its wildly successful and iconic stainless steel cable, 18kt Gold and Diamond jewelry collections. Sold as ALOR® branded jewelry from 1979-1992, ALOR® rebranded itself in 1992 in what would be an over two decade long relationship with the Philippe Charriol International group.

In order to keep in line with its core values, ALOR® will begin the transition back to its parent company brand beginning March 2014, with new in case displays, signage and support materials. ALOR® currently can be found in majors such as Nordstrom, Holt Renfrew, Sidney Thomas and hundreds of fine independent jewelers in the United States, Canada, Caribbean and Mexico.  ALOR® branded jewelry is already being sold in over two dozen independent jewelry stores in Australia.  ALOR® branded Swiss Watches debuted in 2013 and has received critical acclaim and independent success with its designer cable look and affordable value in the Swiss watch world.Alor Campaign

Jack Zemer, co-founder of ALOR® with wife Sandy, is the chief designer all of the brand’s jewelry and timepieces since the company’s inception.  He states, “The transition should be quite smooth as the public identifies with my product and its innovation and quality.”  He continues, “Overall, it is all about product and we will continue to offer to our customer the highest quality designs with the most affordable values.”

Sandy Zemer, co-founder and President states, “We are not taking the transition lightly; we have put a lot of time, energy and research into our decision.  While other companies manufacture and sell jewelry, our designs and product development are so unique and identifiable, that the consumer will continue to relate and bond with our products and vision.”  She continues, “Tom Ford always said that ‘a brand starts with its product,’ and we know we have great product and we will continue to design great product.”

In celebration of the new initiative, ALOR® will debut a new national ad campaign in April, featuring model Noot Seear.  Photographed by renowned photographer and creative director, Justin Coit, the new advertising campaign creates a current, relevant and fashionable feel which will undoubtedly introduce the product to a younger generation of fine fashion jewelry and watch shoppers. The lifestyle advertisements will give ALOR® the ability to properly present its jewelry and Swiss Made watch collections in a manner which is not only appealing to the consumer, but relevant in the marketplace.

“The campaign is a major departure from what we have done in the past.  We are bringing our product to life and showcasing the great jewelry and watch designs in the manner that they should be portrayed,” says Ori Zemer, Principal (and the OR of ALOR®).  The ALOR® print advertising campaign will be featured in Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, and Elle Canada, as well as all Niche Media Publications, among many other regional fashion media.

Tal Zemer, Principal (and the AL of ALOR) states, “Overall this is a mere name change; everything that our family has built will stay the same.“  He continues, “Our focus will be to continue to build upon our family’s core values of Quality, Service and Innovation.  Nothing will make us divert from the path fulfilling our core values.”

The ALOR® transition will take place with existing retailers through April.  The brand’s official re-launch will be on exhibit at Couture at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas at the end of May.



Started in 1979, ALOR® was founded by Jack and Sandy Zemer to bring innovative and creative cable designs to the fine jewelry marketplace.  The ALOR® name is derived from the two Zemer sons’ names, Tal and Ori, who currently are Principals of the company and oversee marketing, operations and development. A California lifestyle brand, ALOR® is based in La Jolla, California.


Author:Jewelry Business Advisor