Jewelry Business Advisor Celebrates it’s First Year in Print!

 Jewelry Business Advisor’s GOAL is to become the leading provider of business solutions for independent jewelers and retailers. We believe it is our duty to provide practical business ideas, strategies and solutions for independent jewelers to increase their growth and profitability.

What makes us different: Jewelry Business Advisor magazine is a business solutions magazine that LOOKS LIKE a business magazine. Our layout is easy to read and our content is informative and educational. We provide actionable ideas, strategies and solutions that will enable the independent jeweler to run a more efficient and profitable business. Each bi-monthly issue contains 12-15 editorials designed solely around this purpose, along with Retailer Success Stories, Industry News and Alerts, Vendor Product and Company Spotlights, Design Features,  Industry Related Book Reviews…and much, much more.

Our simplified layout is the secret behind FMM Media’s success. Our magazines are about THE CONTENT.  We differentiate ourselves by displaying this content in an easy-to-read format and providing the best product possible for our readers and our advertisers.  When reading Jewelry Business Advisor, our audience will experience a clutter-free publication without unnecessary distractions.

Experience the difference…experience Jewelry Business Advisor magazine!